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Introducing Berkshire Trout
All our trout are grown at our extensive and low stocked farm near Hungerford on the clear flowing waters of the river Dun with its spring source being only seven miles away. Two pre spring brooks also feed the supply. The trout are given as much space as they need to develop and grow as they would do in the wild, which provides an enhanced and delightful flavour. The farm was established over 100 years ago, in 1907.
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Must try recipe : Berkshire Trout Cold Smoked Trout Canapés

Peter’s Yard Pink Peppercorn Sourdough Crackers as the canapé base. So simple but looks very stylish! You can of course toast thinly sliced sourdough for the base instead.

Berkshire Hot Smoked Trout Pâté or a good cream cheese next. You can replace either with crème fraîche or greek yogurt.

Berkshire Cold Smoked Trout: I can only recommend this to you! The colour and flavour is amazing. Just twirl a slice and place on top of the pâté.

Tracklements Strong Horseradish Cream: Just half a teaspoon to top the trout Dill: A fresh dill sprigs or two makes a very attractive topping and goes very well with trout.

Capers:Add some capers as they taste divine with the dill and trout.

Lemon:Just top the whole canapé off with a thin slice of lemon zest and ….voilà!

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Berkshire Trout & Slow Food
Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do! Trout is a fresh water fish that is sustainably grown on our farm in Hungerford, Berkshire. In 2021 we set up a smokery at Hungerford Park and now produce cold and hot smoked trout as well as fresh fillets and a delicious pâté. Our trout are cured in salt and demerara sugar for twenty four hours before being smoked for eight hours over sustainable old whisky oak barrels which creates a deliciously flavoured smoked trout with a spectacular colour. As well as our market stalls at Hungerford and Marlow, we can deliver directly to your door in our fully home compostable packaging. The unique positioning of our farm and our sustainable farming methods combine together, to minimize our carbon footprint.
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The British Trout Association
The British Trout Association (BTA) was set up in 1983 and represents around 80% of trout production in the United Kingdom. The Association has over 50 members including trout farmers, feed suppliers and a number of aqua-cultural academics. The association receives no direct funding from the Government, instead it is entry funded by its members making these farmers, suppliers and academics imperative to its success. We are proud that Berkshire Trout is a member of the BTA. The association aims to provide legislation and frameworks for trout farming practices in the UK whilst also promoting sustainability and encouraging ongoing research and development within the industry.
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What our customers are saying

"We get our trout from Berkshire Trout for three reasons. Firstly they were the most environmentally friendly fish we could find (how the fish are farmed, the recyclable and compostable packaging, and the minimal food miles); secondly it tastes great! (we love the fillets and especially the pate); thirdly it is delivered to our door for free."

Chris W, Pewsey Vale

I just wanted to say how much I ENJOYED the trout pate which I bought at NEWBURY Show. The best that I’ve ever tasted. Absolutely delicious.

Suzanne Stimpson

" We highly recommend Berkshire Trout - the fish tastes great, it's delivered to our door and all the packaging can go in our home compost. The fillets are a really good size and the hot and cold smoked options are super tasty. And a big factor for us is the high welfare conditions of the fish farm. Win, win."

Penny L, Hungerford

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